The Top Whitetail Deer from 2018 and Earlier

Let’s take a look at the biggest bucks taken from the fall of 2018 and earlier. This list is based on score only so it doesn’t reflect the difference between a non typical and a typical, but to make it easy, we listed from lowest to highest score. Here are the top 12 whitetail deer bucks that are all featured in the new 2020 Monster Whitetail Deer Calendar.

#12 – 200 B&C – 2017

Andrea Moffett brought down one of the largest typicals of all time in 2017. Hunting in Indiana with her rifle, this 5×4 whitetail scores 200 B&C points, which is incredible for a 9-point rack with main beams that are nearly 30-inches long.

#11 – 206 B&C – 2017

Gabe Adair’s luck was about to change when he was rattling up a good buck. The good buck ended being a monster buck scoring over 206 P&Y points. Gabe took this beautiful whitetail during the fall of 2017 in Iowa.

#10 – 212 B&C – 2013

Ryan Sullivan had first seen this 20-point buck in 2010 and in 2011 he started to hunt him but it wasn’t until 2012 that he hunted the buck full time. It wasn’t until 2013 that he was able to put an arrow in this 212 P&Y point giant from Arkansas.

#9 – 222 B&C – 2018

Two bucks over 200-inches in a lifetime of hunting would be a goal and a dream for any hunter, but Gabe Adair accomplished this in two consecutive years. This 2018 monster buck was taken with his bow and scores 222 P&Y points.

#8 – 230 B&C – 2017

Adam Cartright had watched this buck for two years prior to being able to hunt him. The late season hunt in Illinois was in full swing when he arrowed this monster whitetail that scores 230 P&Y points with 26 scorable points. The antlers were wrapped up with barbed wire, which added a nice touch to an awesome buck.

#7 – 231 B&C – 2007

Hunter Keith Levick had seen this buck before on his trail camera, but after not seeing him during the earlier seasons he was losing hope in seeing him again. Luck was on his side during the late season when he shot this buck with his muzzleloader and scored 231 B&C points with 22 scorable points.

#6 – 232 B&C – 2015

Clayton Brummer who was 16 at the time, put this monster Kansas buck on the ground during the 2015 rifle season. After not being able to get a good shot the first time, he was able to locate him the following day with a good shot. The giant has 22 scorable points and scores 232 B&C points.

#5 – 235 B&C – 2018

This is the new record for total points of a hunter- harvested whitetail buck with 51 scorable points. Keith Szablewski was fortunate to have taken this Illinois monster in the late season 2018 hunt. It scores over 235 B&C points and weighed nearly 265 pounds.

#4 – 228 B&C – 2011

Travis Cockburn was hunting after a good whitetail around Thanksgiving during the 2011 Illinois deer season when this monster buck came into view at close range. A perfect 18-yard shot put this Illinois beast on the ground for good. This heavy horned buck scores 258 P&Y points.

#3 – 269 B&C – 2017

The fate of this monster buck came at the hands of a barbed wire fence. Scoring over 269 B&C points lands this buck at the top in Oklahoma. John Hughes found this 47-point buck in 2017 and was turned over to the state Dept. of Wildlife.

#2 – 282 B&C – 2018

Spook Spann is used to putting giant bucks on the ground. He has an incredible personal collection of giant whitetail deer, but this monster, one that he had been after for three years, is his largest. Taken in November of 2018 in Ohio, it scores 282 P&Y points.

#1 – 328 B&C – 2018

The fall of 2018 was very good to hunter Luke Brewster. He was hunting in Illinois when he came across the biggest bow kill ever recorded! It scores a whopping 328 P&Y points. There are only two other whitetail deer that have scored higher and both of those were found dead.

There ya have it, the biggest whitetail bucks from our new 2020 Monster Whitetail Deer Calendar – Signature Series. If you would like to see all of these bucks re-created, check out the Whitetail Deer Calendar. If you have a big buck to share, let’s see it! Post a comment and I would love to see it.