The Top Mule Deer Assembled in 2020 featured in our 2021 Monster Mule Deer Calendar

Big mule deer from many decades to our present time. This list is based on score only so it doesn’t reflect the difference between a non typical and a typical, but to make it easy, we listed from lowest to highest score. These are the top 12 mule deer bucks that were featured in the 2021 Monster Mule Deer Calendar. See the current Monster Mule Deer Calendar here.

#12 – 226 P&Y – 2018

Casey Brooks has shot more big elk than anyone in the world. To show his versatility, he arrowed this monster buck, known as “Doc”, in Idaho during the 2018 season, scoring 226 P&Y as a non-typical and 206 as a typical with 15 total points.

#11 – 240 B&C – 2019

A buck of this caliber isn’t something you see taken in modern times, but Gil Roden of Wyoming, defied the odds and put down this bruiser of a buck with his compound bow. Known as the “Bullseye Buck” it is 40-inches wide with a 240-point score and has tons of mass.

#10 – 248 B&C – 1971

David Bennett was hunting in the state of Washington, during the 1971 hunting season, when he came upon this monster buck. It is over 35-inches wide with 27 scorable points and scores 248 B&C points. His gun of choice was a 257 Roberts.

#9 – 252 B&C – Prior 1960

The 1950’s and 1960’s were what many consider to be the heydays of mule deer. Idaho produced this monster muley taken by Kim Kent prior to 1960, that scored 252 B&C points and was 41-inches wide. This buck is part Deon Heiner’s impressive mule deer collection.

#8 – 256 B&C – Unknown

What a beautiful buck from Idaho with lots of character that many hunters are looking for. Deon Harding took this giant that scores 256 B&C with a 31-inch spread. This is just one of the monster mule deer in the personal mule deer collection of Deon Heiner.

#7 – 258 B&C – Prior 1970

This big mule deer made Colorado his home until he was taken by an unknown hunter prior to 1970. The monster buck scores 258 B&C points and is 34-inches wide with eye-guards over 7-inches long. This rack is part of Deon Heiner’s incredible mule deer collection.

#6 – 262 B&C – 1942

This Idaho monster buck was taken back in 1942 by Grover Browning, who also took the state record buck from Idaho. This massive buck has a score of 262 B&C points and a 40-inch spread. This buck is part of Deon Heiner’s mule deer collection.

#5 – 269 B&C – 1933

Way back in 1933, hunter Lester Lowe put down not only meat for the freezer, but a world class mule deer from Idaho. It scores 269 B&C points with 46-inches of mass and is 32-inches wide. This buck is part of the impressive mule deer collection of Deon Heiner.

#4 – 272 B&C – 1962

Alberta, Canada has produced some monster mule deer over the years. This one, taken in 1962, is no different scoring 272 B&C points and measuring 30-inches wide. This buck has an incredible 52-inches of mass and is part of the great mule deer collection of Deon Heiner.

#3 – 275 B&C – 2008

Jon Keller was hunting the Navajo Nation in Arizona, during the 2008 hunting season, when he came upon this monster buck. At the time, it was the largest buck ever taken from the Navajo Nation, scoring 275 B&C points with a 42″ wide frame and 29 total points.

#2 – 293 B&C – 2019

Greg Simmons has taken several mule deer over 200-inches, but this monster, known as Hank, is in a class all by itself. Everything is bigger in Texas, including this new state record scoring 292 B&C with 27 total points and a 32-inch inside spread.

#1 – 315 B&C – 2019

Brian Bailey experienced a dream come true in December of 2019, when he traveled to Sonora Mexico to hunt Mule Deer. He ended up taking not just any mule deer, but the new SCI World Record scoring nearly 315 SCI, with 22 scorable points. Note: SCI scores differently than B&C when measuring antlers and horns.

There ya have it, the biggest mule deer bucks from our new 2021 Monster Mule Deer Calendar – Signature Series. If you would like to see all of these bucks re-created, check out the Mule Deer Calendar. If you have a big buck to share, let’s see it! Post a comment and I would love to see it.

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