The Top Mule Deer from 2018 and Earlier

Big mule deer from many decades to our present time. This list is based on score only so it doesn’t reflect the difference between a non typical and a typical, but to make it easy, we listed from lowest to highest score. These are the top 12 mule deer bucks that were featured in the 2020 Monster Mule Deer Calendar. See the current Monster Mule Deer Calendar here.

#12 – 216 B&C – 2016

Ike Sugg took this magnificent monster typical mule deer from Sonora, Mexico, in 2016. It scores a very impressive 216-points making it one of the largest typicals ever. Wade Lemon Hunting guided him from Utah.

#11 – 228 B&C – 2010

John Woodruff was hunting in Arizona during the 2010 season with high hopes of finding a great buck. With the help of Chad’s Guide Service, John connected on this giant 42-inch wide mule deer. It scores 228 B&C points and has 16 scorable points.

#10 – 228 B&C – 1968

During the 1968 Utah deer-hunting season, hunter Max Johnson decided to head out close to home in hopes of bagging a mule deer. Never could he imagine taking the largest typical frame ever, as far as gross scores go, scoring 228 SCI points. It is also 42-inches wide.

#9 – 248 B&C – 1960’s

When you think of California, you might be thinking of sunny beaches, but this great state also produces some monster mule deer! This magnificent buck, taken back before the 1960’s, scores over 248 B&C points, with a spread of over 38-inches and has a total of 21 points.

#8 – 250 B&C – 2017

Hunter Ike Sugg, was fortunate to have taken the largest mule deer in the state of Utah during the 2017 season. It had about 10-inches of a broken drop tine and still scored over 250 B&C points. Guided by Wade Lemon Hunting.

#7 – 254 B&C – 2018

Darwin Rhoton took this 19-point monster mule deer in 2018 on a special tag hunt in Utah. Wade Lemon Hunting and Darwin’s family aided him on his hunt-of-a-lifetime. Darwin was obviously pretty excited to put this 254 B&C point beast on the ground.

#6 – 273 B&C – 1964

The big buck state of Utah produced this monster buck back in 1964 by hunter Noel Christiansen. The buck has a spread of over 37-inches wide with 26 scorable points. It scores over 272 B&C points making it one of the larger bucks taken in Utah.

#5 – 276 B&C – 1956

During the 1956 Colorado deer season, Everett King was one of four on a deer drive hoping to put some meat on the table. As luck proved, Everett was in the right place at the right time when this giant 276 B&C point giant came into view. It took five shots to put down this 37-point, 38-inch wide monster buck.

#4 – 293 B&C – 2017

Hunting with guide Derek Taylor from Mossback in 2017, hunter Ryan Peters was after a big buck that he could talk about for years to come. When he put this Arizona giant on the ground, it would become one of the largest mule deer killed in the last decade. This monster buck scores over 293-points and is 36 inches wide.

#3 – 304 B&C – 1997

This incredible buck was dubbed “The Ivory Tooth Buck” after it was discovered it had an ivory tooth, one of only a few bucks ever recorded. Robert Arledge was fortunate to have taken this monster Idaho buck in 1997 that scores over 304 B&C points with a 30-inch spread and 26 total points.

#2 – 311 B&C – 2007

Most people will never come across this caliber of deer in their entire lifetime, but 14-year old Kyle Lopez defied the odds with this monster mule deer that scored over 311 B&C points. It also has 43 total points and is over 37-inches wide. It was taken in Colorado in 2007.

#1 – 348 B&C – 2018

Justin Gordon from Utah was hunting the high country of Colorado in the fall of 2018 when he came across an incredible monster buck. Using archery equipment and years of experience, he arrowed this giant that scores over 348 P&Y points with 47 scorable points.

There ya have it, the biggest mule deer bucks from our new 2020 Monster Mule Deer Calendar – Signature Series. If you would like to see all of these bucks re-created, check out the Mule Deer Calendar. If you have a big buck to share, let’s see it! Post a comment and I would love to see it.