The Top Elk from 2018 and Earlier

So here it goes, our list of the largest elk, based on score only, within the new 2020 Bull Elk Calendar starting from the smallest to the largest. The largest bulls taken from 2018 and earlier in this top 12 list.

#12 – 394 B&C – 2015

Cole Brown had drawn a late season Arizona elk tag in 2015 and was determined to put it to good use. With the help from AZ Ground Pounders, he was able to put the cross-hairs on this monster bull that has almost 70-inches of mass to go with the 394 point B&C score.


#11 – 401 B&C – 2018

Jed Bess drew a coveted 2018 late season bull tag in Utah with only two points and after locating one side of it’s shed during the summer while scouting, he concentrated his efforts on the big bull. This monster bull scores over 401 B&C Points with 14 total points.

#10 – 401 B&C – 2018

2018 was a drought year across much of the West that stunted most antler growth. However, Dave Dyreng found a monster bull that had no problem with antler growth. Taken at nearly 10,000 feet in Utah during the 2018 season, this monster 14-point bull scores over 400 B&C points.

#9 – 402 B&C – 2015

JP Penzkover from Arizona drew a coveted Nevada limited draw elk tag in 2015. He put his archery skills to work on this monster bull that ended up scoring 402 P&Y points with a clean 6×6 frame and a lot of mass. He was assisted by Mogollon Rim Outfitters from Arizona.

#8 – 406 B&C – 2015

Joseph Worischeck took this monster typical bull during the 2015 Arizona archery season. With the assistance of the AZ Ground Pounders, Joe made a great shot on a bull-of-a-lifetime scoring 406 P&Y points with massive 63-inch main beams and a 27-inch 4th point.

#7 – 410 B&C – 2011

Jake Bess had a Utah archery tag in his pocket during the 2011 season and after spotting this bull prior to the season, took what became the largest bull taken in the state of Utah that year. The bull was only 6-years old and still scored 410 P&Y points with a 6×7 frame.

#6 – 413 B&C – 2014

Sometimes things just go your way. Cole Medlin was hunting with Wade Lemon Hunting in Utah during the 2014 elk-hunting season, when he came across this monster bull with a giant eye guard and long tines. It scores 413 B&C points and has 14 total points.

#5 – 416 B&C – 2004

Bowhunting pro Randy Ulmer, had a Nevada elk archery tag in his pocket during the 2004 hunt. It was a hot and dry hunt with little bugling, but he was able to locate this monster bull that ended up scoring 416 P&Y points making it one of the largest ever in Nevada.

#4 – 422 B&C – 1982

We might be living in the hey-days of elk hunting now, but here is a bull taken in 1982 by Robert Krogh that makes it into the elite of all elk taken. This Arizona giant scores 422 B&C points and has 17 total points. This bull is located at the Mile High Archery shop in Prescott, AZ.

#3 – 429 B&C – 2017

Missing the world record by 1/8 of an inch, this monster bull from Arizona was taken by Gus Osterkamp in the fall of 2017 and was guided by Homer Stevens Guide Service. This near perfect six-point bull gross scores 429 and nets 422 4/8 B&C points.

#2 – 429 B&C – 2012

After seeing this bull the previous year during a late hunt, Kim Bess was lucky enough to draw a 2012 late season tag in Utah the following year. Kim took care of business on the first day of his hunt and put this monster bull on the ground. It scores 429 with 19 total points.

#1 – 434 B&C – 2018

Will Waldrip had secured the Arizona statewide elk tag and had 365 days to hunt. 2018 was a very dry year and antler growth was stunted on most animals, but Will was able to come across this triple brow monster bull that scored 434 B&C points.


There ya have it, the biggest bulls from our new 2020 Monster Bull Elk Calendar – Signature Series. If you would like to see all of these bulls re-created, check out the Bull Elk Calendar. If you have a big bull to share, let’s see it! Post a comment and I would love to see it.