The Dirty Dozen Mule Deer Print


The Dirty Dozen Mule Deer Print

One of the most talked about pictures of mule deer is the one you are looking at now! This is not just a picture of 12 bucks, but 12 MASSIVE GIANT mule deer! Every buck is a world class set of antlers re-created back into live form only as computer artist Robert King can. Which one is your favorite? Is it the one scoring over 300 points or the one that is almost four feet wide? Either way, this will be a topic of great conversation for years to come.

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This masterpiece is one of our all time best sellers. 12 of the largest mule deer, all together in one setting. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you shoot? That is the conversation that will go on for generations to come. Big and heavy, tall and wide, lots of points, they are all here. Set against a sepia sky and ready to put on your wall. Get ready for the conversations to take place wherever this is displayed.

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