2022 Planner – Mule Deer

Monster Mule Deer Weekly/Monthly Planner Calendar 2022
-Signature Series Collection

Now you can have a planner that you actually want to show off! No more generic planner made for the masses, this weekly/monthly planner is designed for the outdoorsman in mind. In this special 12-month signature edition planner by Robert King, you will find some of the biggest bucks scoring over 300-inches and 40-inches wide in this spectacular 2022 weekly and monthly planner, created for the mule deer enthusiast Read More

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Keep track of everything going on in your life with this easy-to-use planner. Each day provides enough space to jot down appointments, birthdays, and other tasks. Manage your time more efficiently with easy to view previous and future months along with plenty of ruler line areas for writing down ideas or important to-do’s.


FULL-PAGE MONTH OVERVIEWS: Need to look at the entire month at a glance? We have that. Need to see all the holidays for the year on one page? We have that too. Need to have space to put your ideas to work? We have several pages dedicated just for that.


Our tried and tested Game Activity Index™ has been helping outdoorsmen to find game and fish during the best times of each month. Each day has 1-4 stars telling you which days have the most activity for wild game and fish. You will be shocked at the animal activity during these 4-star days. Look for the GOOD and BEST days for premium opportunities in finding and locating big bucks. Also includes moon phases to aid in the activity of animals.


Christmas, birthdays, secret Santa, white elephant, office party, friends, coworkers, family members, anniversaries, or just a nice gesture for someone. Ideal for someone who is hard to find the perfect gift for.

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Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1 in

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